Anarchy Moment 0381 – Happy July 4th. Fuck You and Your Rescue Dog. The Greatest Anime Ever. — 5 Comments

  1. I can’t fucking understand this shit about Girls Und Panzer. You know what you should try? Saga Of Tanya The Evil, I have to admit I’m kinda gay, because I have a mental boner for the main protagonist.

    Also try Redo Of A Healer. Main character supposedly is anti hero, but I completely agree with what he is doing, because it is just.

    • I don’t know which part of “Greatest Anime ever” you don’t understand.
      Tanks. Girls. Girls. Tanks. Tanks and girls. Girls and tanks. Obvious.

      I will check out your suggested anime. First time I see any rescue dogs I’m out.

  2. The Great One liked an anime from the CGDCT (cute girls doing cute things) genre? I never would’ve expected this. Basically despite looking very girly, CGDCT it’s designed to make Japanese salarymen smile and not want to kill themselves for spending over 75 hours a week trapped in a cubicle.

    Apparently K-On! it’s a very popular ‘cute girls doing cute things’ anime among Westerners who really don’t like niggers and kikes, from what I’ve gathered it’s a show about a bunch of high school chicks who start their own rock band. No plot. Just silly cuteness.

    racist K-On! fans making normies feel uncomfortable:

    • Damn right TGO likes cute girls doing cute things. If we had any of that in reality I wouldn’t have to watch it on TV. No one of the Girls und Panzer chycks has a visible tattoo. This is as far from reality as you can get.

      I will check out this K-On. If it’s got cute girls excluding coloured people I’m in. Besides, once we put all the coloureds on the moon it’ll be easier to exclude them.

  3. Das Finale part 4 was released in theatres in October, so should be making it to video this year. Just 2 more parts left who so far have no release dates yet.

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