Yes All Women Are Like That 0016 – First World White Girl Problems: It’s Difficult To Decide Which Is Worse. Oneitis or Herpes. — 4 Comments

    • Damn right you should have sex before getting married. With the woman you are going to marry and with other women.

      ‘Cause you damn sure won’t be getting any sex after you get married. (Pause for laughter.)

        • I’m not saying to bang everything that moves. If puss is running out of the pussy or it smells like something dead or she has open sores don’t do it. And wear a condom. Banging lots of girls doesn’t mean not having standards. And with the rise in STDs amongst Gen Z (who according to conservatives are having less sex and are going to safe “us” from the liberals) you should be extra careful about STDs when banging you college girls.

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