Stating The Obvious 0559 – One More Group Of People Who Shouldn’t Vote and The Latest Saga at Weyland-Yutani. — 2 Comments

  1. GO, your comments on people being idiots if they don’t postal vote are only valid for your neck of the woods….

    Here in white cuck central down south – aka Australia, we get fined if we don’t vote and that includes even if we do actually do a postal vote and it gets lost in the mail, loss of mail is not considered a valid excuse under the law here and we cop a fine of $78 (in 2016). Fail to pay that fine and it gets referred to a magistrates court where you would get fucked over far worse for about 4 digits in costs…….

    When I vote (term used loosely) in two weeks time for our Victorian state election I’ll probably test my artistic skills (dick-drawing-wise) on the ballot paper since ALL the parties of faggots here are in favor of open borders and third world immigration…. I also always video myself walking up to the election cuck who questions me if I’ve voted before and I then give my details to get ticked off their fucking roll, I do this because I can use this video to cover my ass about turning up and avoid any fines if I have to. Rumor has it they will be increasing the failure to vote fine to $100 this time too.

    You don’t know how good you’ve really go it up there mate, the Electoral Commission of this 3rd world country make over a hundred million bucks a year in failure to vote fines across all the states….so there is only further incentive to fine us down here for every god dam thing under the sun, no wonder Adam Piggott decided to up & leave.

    PS: I did find your attempt of an Australian accent amusing though…. we’re difficult pricks to mimic.


    • Dave, by all that is holy (that would be red heads and Supergirl) does your situation suck major balls. The morons keep attempting to push mandatory voting in the States. I’ve never really thought about how would they know if I voted or not.

      They fucking seek out people who haven’t voted and fine them in Down Under Land? You are fucked mate. And the same plan is probably coming to the States in my life time.

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