Stating The Obvious 0560 – Snowday Rantfest Episode I: Infinity War. A Movie So Gay I Nearly Turned Into A Homosexual. — 2 Comments

  1. From what I gathered Thanos refuses to create new planets because they would eventually get overpopulated as well which is why he plans to kill half the population of each world every few thousands of years until the end of time, except there probably won’t be an end of time because one of the stones has some kind of weird time manipulation powers so he might be able to conserve his reality indefinitely. My only question is; how the fuck are you supposed to defeat a baddie that’s essentially a god and also make it make sense? You can’t. They wrote themselves into a corner.

    • And you hit upon the real problem. They did write themselves into a corner. The problem with always having to make the threat in movies bigger and bigger and bigger is that eventually defeating these giant threats becomes unbelievable.

      It reminds me of the transition Doctor Who (the original/real series) underwent. In the early days the average plot was “how do we get back to the TARDIS and get out of here.” Twenty years later half the episodes in a season had a plot of “if we don’t defeat the bad guy the entire galaxy will be enslaved/destroyed”. Less if more.

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