Stating The Obvious 0563 – When The Great One Has To Tell You To Stop Using Racist Slurs You Know You Have Fucked Up. — 3 Comments

  1. Reboot because the computer is slow? Fire up htop. Unless… did you… install systemd? Purge that shit and go back to openrc. Gentoo Master Race.

  2. Windows 7? Can’t call yourself “The Great One” when running windows. Hardware obsolescence? Maybe on winblows.

    Palemoon is good. It’s a fork of Firefox from back before they fucked it (version 57, I think.) There is an overlay for it that works well. All the old plugins still work, though you have to go to the Palemoon plugin page to install them.

    Online payments are overly complicated because of the fucking boomer managers. They want every stupid website to have it’s own entire “My Bullshit” login system because boomers are vain and retarded. If they left it to us devs, it would be 5 fields for your account number and credit card then a “pay now” button. But no, Mr. Manager has to feel like a big man with a fancy website.

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