Yes All Women Are Like That 0001 – Six Ways Men Violate The Prime Directive Episode I: The Prime Directive Is Real. — 2 Comments

  1. Seriously man, I’m an Aussie myself and all I can say is thank you for accepting this woman into your country cause it means she is not in mine.

    Listen, while she is over there she needs a few dollars to fund her new big movie and to maybe get a nose job and lose a few pounds on the side, I know you’ll explode with rage over her 2.5min kick-starter video content, so please don’t watch it.

    Oh, she also apologizes in the video to anyone visiting her kick-starter page who does not know how to actually read (seriously).

    • I didn’t think my opinion of her could sink lower. Then I watched the video. I was wrong and it did.

      According to one thing I found on the interwebz she has moved back to Australia. Now she’s your problem again. Please keep her this time.

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