SWTOR / If The Great One Was… A Jedi Knight – Episode 02: Military Secrets Free For The Taking — 10 Comments

  1. You know you got me thinking, super is a pretty gay word. You see it used to describe everything from markets to virus’s. How super became a common term in our lingua franca I dont know, but I put the blame solely on comic books.

    So I guess as you’re such an avid comic book reader and all, that makes you a huge fucking faggot.

  2. On a different subject, I am confused about people’s position on Piggott. A man is not a woman and the rules of women do not apply to men:

    A woman (or homosexual man) adopting a dog is a pathetic baby substitute.

    A heterosexual incel man adopting a dog is a pathetic woman substitute.

    A man adopting a god is pathetic father substitute.

    A middle-aged heterosexual man adopting a dog is utterly acceptable.

    Indeed, if Piggott (at his age) evolves into having a dog rather than a woman, ditches his faux dandyism (which was about trying to attract women) and finally ditches the god he will threaten the masculinity of approximately 75% of western males.

    • The thing with a dog is that dogs are better than cats, because dogs are and were breaded to be virtuous – loyal. I don’t know what happened with his wife, but he seems like a great guy, and the problem is his bitch ex wife, who dropped divorce papers on him. In a healthy society a women wouldn’t be able to do stuff like that to guys like Adam. So now what does he do? Try searching for a new wife among western thots in hopes of finding a unicorn? People who shit on him for buying a dog do understand that it’s an option, which tradcucks are offering and it’s unrealistic. Maybe Adam can become a passport bro or maybe he doesn’t want to do that, that’s his choice. So a dog is a good companion, as long as he doesn’t buy one of those little retards, who are more rats than dogs.

      • Why are you niggers drawing the straw with him buying a dog? Chill the fuck out, it’s just a dog LMAO. You’re also both missing the bigger picture here. The dog is but a symptom of Adams loneliness manifesting into a desire for companionship, not the cause of his religious schizophrenia and social isolation. Besides, dogs are cool, I’d own one.

        You two should be more upset he nuked the comments on his blog, and it was because of people talking about him here no less. Amazing.

        • I’m saying the same thing, I don’t have problems with a good guy like him buying a dog, as long as it’s not those fucking rats. Big smart dogs are awesome.

          A little bit off topic, I have a childhood friend, who owns a dog, a cat and something more, can’t remember. Smokes dope, doesn’t eat right, doesn’t care about anyone or anything as long as he has dope and his fur babies. Went to visit him once, but no more I will subject myself to that. My friend is lost to a lack of testosterone, dope and fur babies.

          So yeah, there are times, when men have fur babies and are acting like women and we should make fun of them, and they can fucking kill themselves for all I care if they’re not willing to change.

          But I don’t think it’s the case with Adam and picking on him over buying a dog tells more about people who are picking on him rather than himself.

          I just can’t be bothered with all the time and money consumption, otherwise I would also own a dog.

    • While I did instantly respond to Adam announcing he is getting a dog with “fur baby” I did that because I was just fucking with him.

      You are correct that there is a huge (fucking huge) difference between a 22 year old woman getting a dog and pretending it’s her baby versus a 50 year old man getting a dog and treating it like a dog.

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