Anarchy Moment 0369 – Reminding Cuckservatives That Muh Thin Blue Line Is Going To Take Their Guns. — 1 Comment

  1. Quite a lot going on here, Great One… was a good episode!

    I really don’t know what to make of this episode, though… you seem to be attacking two guys who are 90% on the same page as you are.

    I don’t know who this Daniel Fagnando’s dude is, but he seems less retarded than most people, even if he has made mistakes in the past – like we all did before we realized how fucked everything is and how retarded everyone is. I do agree with you on the ‘sending your kids to public school’ thing, but perhaps the unwillingness to compromise on things like this is why we don’t have wives?

    BTW The traditional division of labor between husband and wife was always that he takes charge of everything outside the home and she takes charge of the home and children. But you seem to have a problem with this too? If a guy wants a family, and wants to do it properly, that means engaging with a wife and as you are apt to point out, there are no unicorns, so if you want a wife, she’s going to be an idiot, with idiotic politics and a gross sense of entitlement. There’s no way around this other than to refuse to play the game. Apparently most people would rather play a rigged game than live the sort of lives that we do.

    Regarding politics, his strategy is one of entryism… he’s trying to microdose the Conservatards with fragments of red pills. Won’t work? Maybe not, it may well be futile, but what else is there, short of killing people? And didn’t you do a whole episode on incrementalism, and that being the whole fucking way the left won? So why not at least try incrementally moving the needle towards freedom and actual awakening? Of course, locking in any gains is the real challenge there.

    I may think it’s horseshit and it’s doomed to fail, but I’m glad there are guys like this who are at least trying. Enjoying the decline is fine for us single guys with no kids, but I do understand why people with a stake in society wanting to at least try to change things, however futile it may seem to us.

    I stopped listening to Pete Q a little while ago, but only because he’s said everything he’s really got to say, I don’t have time for a lot of these historical deep-dives he’s been doing recently with guests, and he doesn’t do funny so there’s no value in retreading old ground with a new spin.

    But there are two episodes I thing you’ll really enjoy.

    Ep 750

    In which E Michael Jones expounds on how (((Die Juden))) were responsible for all the moral degeneracy and the rise of Hitler in Weimar Germany.

    (FYI “die” is pronounced “dee” and it’s the plural definite article in German. “Das Juden” is wrong.)

    Ep 725

    All of the Ryan Dawson episodes are fkin hilarious as he loves to rip on (((Die Juden))), but this one is a corker. Ryan joins Pete to provide background into the current Russia/Ukraine affair with a heavy concentration on who is behind the corruption in Ukraine, one of the most disreputable government’s in existence. (Hint: They’re all kikes).

    BTW do you know where I got those links, Great One? On Pete Q’s homepage, in the “My Podcast” section, by clicking the link that says “Downloadable episodes are available here!”

    On the cyberbegging and non-profits thing, I think you’re looking at this wrong. Provided they don’t get money from the government, these are voluntary organisations and fundraising schemes. If you want to donate, donate. If you don’t, no harm done, and STFU. The leftist non-profit would seek government grants, the budding leftist author would seek arts grants and arts prizes from the government. The rightists would just seek voluntary donations. I don’t understand the problem with the latter?

    As to why you’d fundraise to publish a book? Two good reasons. First is covering your opportunity costs. Writing a book takes time that you might otherwise be using to earn a living to make rent and feed your family. Second is cashflow – getting books printed and distributed requires up-front funding. Pre-selling copies via a fundraising site makes perfectly good sense as a way to mitigate this big-assed up front costs.

    Ok, I’m done sperging out now. By the way, Great One, I never had you pegged as a sperg yourself, but you really moved the needle on that today. Good work, dude! Embrace the autism and be who you really are. You know you want to.

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