Linkage: Joker Bring Us Tales Of Fired ThotTok Skanks. — 3 Comments

  1. The very same people that look down upon me and tell me what to think and what to do are throwing crying tantrums over something I’ve dealt with four times. Those slags deserve live mass burial.

  2. I don’t know how to tell you this TGOH, but is this Joker the same Joker you talk about so much on stating the obvious?
    That first video (cause that’s all I listened to) was dry, boring and had absolutely nothing we already didn’t know in it. How do you listen to that and think “Mm that was good content.” That was the mental equivalent of popcorn.
    Lichrally pick any episode to tune into, I’m sure there’s plenty you’ll disagree with these guys about, but it’ll be a breath of fresh air if this better bachelor is the content you regularly listen to.

    P.S. You can thank me for the future content I’ve just left you with when you inevitably do a podcast about something these guys have said, preferably by nuking your comment section and adopting a dog.

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