Stating The Obvious 0724 – The Random Rantings of The Great One. Is JLP A Fag? What Is A Woman? Understanding Women. Controlling Women. Comic Books. Lawyer Chycks. Digital Privacy and Muh Abortions. And Of Course The Consequences Fall Hardest On The POX. — 5 Comments

  1. I can’t imagine a virginTOW listening to your content. Recently I joined one Telegram group of people who like philosophy, self-knowledge and shit. Was expecting to find some real men there, but instead I was lectured by some beta losers regarding my cursing. I swear to fucking god, I though I got into right wing group, but I got a feeling of leftist soy boy, who was crying about me using foul language, I wasn’t aggressive towards him, I just used world like fuck, like I always do.

    The other day my based (of course not as based as I’m or you’re) catholic pen pal sent me a link to one guy’s FB live stream, who was talking about him becoming a MGTOW, why he did it and stuff, his speech was incoherent, he sounded like a bitch. I tried to set him on a right path, wrote in the comments to focus on philosophy, sports and money, and if he wants to fuck, he should hire a hooker. So I was told by him that he won’t tolerate curse words on his FB wall and how it is bad to call women females, and that he is not that kind of guy to work on himself, basically he is lazy beta in his late thirties. Both and my pen pall were watching his responses to my comments and were laughing on how fucking beta loser and how done he is, there is no saving.

    The other time I think I already remember mentioning my former colleague, who watches some of Popp’s and Cappi’s content, but doesn’t know about alt-tech and got vaccinated, because government said so. Well he can’t not be a fucking beta if he doesn’t exercise, doesn’t drink, doesn’t want to fuck hookers or just fuck and eats only carbohydrate. Such a boring person apparently with low self-esteem. So fucking forgive me for not fucking wanting to go out somewhere else myself, cause I can’t fucking stand these so called MGTOWs.

    • TL;DR No need to shit out an essay about how MGTOWs hurt your feefees, you attention-starved sperg. You know what? Maybe you deserved that ban if you also sperged out like this in their philosophy group.

    • I’ve had some very VirginTOW comments and emails in the past. Honestly I can’t recall anyone taking me to task for *gasp* liking girls lately. I have gotten commentary about how flawed I am for liking girls in the past. I think the VirginTOWs are like women. They don’t want to take responsibility. White gurls in North America are basket cases. As I’ve said for how many years now – who’s fault is that? Not theirs. They have no agency, no self-awareness, no self-control. Control is what they need most and control of gurls can only come from one place. We men have failed as individuals and as a nation.

      Your experiences attempting to interact with MGTOW Normies sound terrible and about exactly what I would expect. There really isn’t anything about MGTOW that makes it explicitly masculine at the core. I think you can lay claim to the MGTOW label and still be beta. I mean what’s more beta than not interacting with women because you are scared one of them might divorce rape you, or fag tag me too you. Yes, they might indeed do those things and many more things to you. That’s why you have to control yourself and be aware of what’s going on.

      As our hero Jack Murphy would say – “Control the frame bro! Join my super secret man-o-sphere society! Put objects up your butt on the internet!”

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