Stating The Obvious 0723 – 2022 Election Exit Polls. The Most Obvious I’ve Stated In Years. There Is Nothing Here You Didn’t Already Know. — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve just watched Cappy’s Zeitgeish Movie Review video… that man is a Statist

    His argument appears to be:

    1) without hard evidence everything is mere speculation
    2) speculation can be dismissed out-of-hand


    1) if a government withholds evidence of its misdeeds
    2) any speculation about said misdeeds can be dismissed out-of-hand


    If a government does not inform you of its misdeeds, to all intents and purposes, the government does not perpetrate said misdeeds.

    Wonderful argument (@13:34): those rewarded for conforming, are less likely to question the system that rewards them

  2. You spoiled us with your early drop of Wednesday’s episode, TGOH.

    Happily I still didn’t have time to listen to it until driving home last night, so my cadence is unspoiled.

    BTW, I emailed you earlier with a follow-up… Gmail binned my mail, so I’ll put it here.. that chick I emailed you about… taking her out on Saturday night… what will be will be.

  3. I’m tempted to email the Great One an unrelated YouTube video to watch but I’m afraid that he’d block my email address after viewing it, lol.

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