Stating The Obvious 0712 – Lord Of The Rings Epic Level Simping and Virtue Signalling. — 14 Comments

  1. So Shrugologist, Al Jahom, dumbass aus fag, Cappy, Ulysses 31, The Surly Custodian, Chad Elkins and John Doe – it appears that 50% of us have never talked to a girl… looking around, I would have put money on one of us… but this has got me thinking… we’ve all had our doubts about Cappy and girls, but is TGOH revealing something about Vlad and the new “southern command”? is it in Mexico?

  2. Monkeypox update:

    – As I and others predicted a month ago, they now want to rename this disease as it stigmatises African people – but only because the virtue-signallers see black people as monkeys and this gives them cognitive dissonance when they look at their BLM tattoos.

    – This blog has come up with the answer for Monkeypox (or Homo Flu as some of us know it). 15 Days of NoHomo to flatten the curve.

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