Stating The Obvious 0747 – All (((The News))) That’s Fit To Make Fun Of – Episode V: Women Hate When Other Women Get Attention. Fag Tag Give Me Attention Too! — 4 Comments

  1. “He apologized to the court, the judge, the U.S. Marshals Service, the public defender’s office, and the prosecution.”

    He apologized to the girls’ owners for not paying the government before fucking the government’s property.

  2. 10 years without sex, wow. I usually get drunk and fuck some ugly chick, my morale is so broken it almost doesn’t even bother me anymore, last time is was a Hungarian chick in Scotland. This is why I’m The Free Range Fornicator, himself. She even wanted me to cum inside her, which is fine, cause I’m never seeing her again. If a girl I know wanted me to cum in her, I probably wouldn’t for obvious reasons.

    I probably should get back on Tinder, cause sperm is squashing my brain and at the moment I’m in my home Eastern European country, so I don’t earn enough money for hookers. Also, I’m drinking way too much without sex, because of binge drinking this and other weekends I was shitting blood today and I’m too young to become disabled or die.

    • Well… 10ish years. I’d have to think about it to figure out how long it’s really been. But that’s close enough.

      Good policy to never cum in a girl who knows your real name.

      Shitting blood is probably a bad idea. Unless you’re transitioning to being a woman. Then you’d just be having your period. Which would make you oppressed and entitled to other people’s money.

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