Stating The Obvious 0703 – The Comedy of Texas Politics Episode IV: Wuhan Therapeutic Infusion Centers — 3 Comments

  1. TFM had the best take on the culture war a few months back.

    He said the right wing lost the culture war the minute universal suffrage was adapted. It was game over for conservatives in 1920 and no amount of pro-freedom books/films/comics was going to slow, let alone stop, society’s lurch towards ever expanding government. Any attempt by the right to push back or appeal to traditional values via entertainment would end up as nothing but “Brussel Sprouts vs Ice Cream.”

    I have to agree and to be honest, I’m sick of hearing “muh culture war!” as an excuse for normies acting like normies.

    I had a good number of rants and examples I wanted to write out about how the mass of tards known as the general public had plenty of warning about what was coming, but I only need one.

    Germany. 75 years of guilt and shame and a culture utterly dedicated to how what funny mustache man did must never be allowed to happen again. Now it’s all happening again, their leaders are wiping their asses with the Nuremberg protocols, and the bulk of the population is perfectly okay with it.

    So no, Billy Bob the bible thumping conservative isn’t to blame for the current state of the US because he didn’t publish his “The adventures of Super-Jesus and An-Cap boy” comic book.

  2. I had a couple of suggestions for you after listening to this episode.

    Since you mentioned you’re a fan of Red Letter Media you need to check out their Star Wars prequel reviews. They’re some of the funniest videos on the Internet.

    Here’s the link to the Phantom Menace one:

    The reviews are as long as the movies themselves so set aside some time.

    And if you’re looking for good Star Wars graphics novels check out the Tales of the Jedi series which I believe was first published in 1993 before everything was woke and before the prequels kind of wrecked everything with the Jedi.

    It’s set thousands of years before the movies in the Old Republic era back when the Jedi were more of a loosely affiliated gang of samurai-like warriors.

    It’s got some great stories with some actually good female characters who actually go through some trials and ultimately aren’t as physically strong as their male Jedi counterparts.

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