The Greasy Pole 0017 – The Get Yourself A Slave Episode — 7 Comments

  1. The assumption that all poxen are like that is a sound one. The Not-like-thats are always in the minority (see what I did there?). Being a not-Leftist and non-parasitic Not-White, I get the business end of shaming, insult, and even threats from my so-called fellows.

  2. “No no no, you see WE are the true Catholic Church, and everyone else is wrong” – same argument made by many groups in the past- groups that Adam’s group would call illegitimate.

    “We use a language no one speaks or understands” that’s a red flag, kiddo.

    Of Pentecost, the gospel spread to numerous people groups and languages. It wasn’t hidden into a language no one understood.

    What an idiot.

  3. It has taken me more than a week to listen to the first 50 minutes of this podcast; I had to do it in five minute chuncks because it was so depressing. I have never heard Adam so servile, so impotent, so enslaved by his own thinking, so… utterly… cucked. Adam should seriously contemplate testosterone supplements – I am not joking – he should at the very least get his levels checked.

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