Stating The Obvious 0662 – Book Discussion: Loserthink by Scott Adams. Episode III: Breeders Are Not Parents. Teachers Are Not Heros. The Days Of Military Are Over. Scott Thinks Technology Is The Solution and He’s Wrong. — 2 Comments

  1. Adams is a moron:
    1. CO2 is burnt jet fuel. Which means to turn it back into jet fuel you have to add back the energy that you originally burned. Technically you can do it, but you would need massive energy inputs.

    2. If this made any sense, why wouldn’t coal power plants capture their CO2 and make jet fuel and boost their profits? The air contains 400 parts per million CO2. Coal plants contain 10 parts per hundred CO2, or 100 parts per thousand, or 400 parts per 4000, on the order of 250 times more concentrated. So if you could make money sucking out CO2 from air, you’d make a hell of a lot more money using stack gas from a coal plant. But they aren’t doing that, aren’t they. Because the energy inputs would be massive.

    • Adams is a moron. I’ll be talking about his moron levels more.

      And I think I’ve figured out his main problem. He’s a woman. Just like a woman he has no concept of empirical true or false claims. He also has no integrity or moral compass. He seeks only to be “right” in the moment. And by right I mean “popular.”

      He thinks like a woman. The book Loserthink is filled with things which directly contradict each other. Just like a woman’s brain.

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