Other People’s Podcasts 0021 – Red Ice Radio: YouTube Hammer Strikes AmRen & Molyneux — 4 Comments

  1. One of the biggest problems with Molyneux is that he acts like this war between left & right is still a gentlemen’s duel – complete with white glove slapping and the abiding of of a civic set of rules throughout the engagement. This is why he got rolled so easily – because the enemy are past being gentlemen and have sunk to pure savagery. Until he accepts the need to drop the nice guy persona, he’ll keep getting fucked over in the future. It’s almost like he can’t rationalize that there are people out there that really hate him and others like him and are prepared to do anything to silence them.

    • It’s the same problem most intelligent white people have. They are simply not able to accept the evidence that points to an enemy willing to use violence to exterminate them.

      Even the so called “white supremacists” put disclaimers on their websites that they don’t endorse violence. You can only win a war with violence and we are in a war.

      White people want to be liked so badly they are willing to allow themselves to be eradicated.

      • Wanting to be liked is a female trait…. only necessary when you exist as part of a herd – which says a lot for most white men nowadays.

        As they say you cannot trust a man who is afraid to have enemies.

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