Anarchy Moment 0274 – Tangenting From The Post-Apocalypse. — 2 Comments

  1. Oh my… so much good stuff today… this is therapy for us too, ya know.. that’s why we haven’t billed you.

    I literally Hitler nearly crashed my car laughing at your impression of cackling women. I thought my ex-wife was in the trunk!

    Oh and just so I have this right, TGO is manfully making cheesecake, tending flowers and calling to the local cats, but Aaron Piggott is a fag? Sounds like chick-logic to me, dude.

    Here’s something for your to dig into in the future. A 25 year old feminist in France has just released a book called (in translation) “I hate men”. The French government tried to ban it and ended up Streisanding the fuck out of it, and now it’s a best seller. This woman – Pauline Harmange – looks exactly like you’d expect her to look.

    Thus she has created a market for – and license to publish – a rejoinder, which I reckon could be your first book.

    • You are correct. TGO manfully:

      Made cheesecake. Animals that can’t prepare their own good go extinct. Except it seems for fat womynz. They use their alimony payments to buy foot at McDonalds.
      Tended flowers. Men can keep other living things alive. It’s what we do. Women kill their houseplants and mistreat their rescue dogs. Who the fuck do these women think the rescue dogs were rescued from? Other womynz of course.
      Called to cats. Even Piggott had a cat. All men recognize the superiority of cats. Ask TJ Martinell. He’ll tell you.

      The working title of the book Pushing Rubber Downhill was Other Men Pushing Rubbers Up My Ass. Just saying.

      As for the “I Hate Men” womynz. Good for her. We hate her as well. Dick Masterson already wrote the rejoinder. Men Are Better Than Women. Womynz are still struggling to catch up. Because they are fat and get all out of breath easily.

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