Stating The Obvious 0639 – Hiking In Utah Episode II: Driving East On I-70. The Government Built The Road. Could They Do Some Repairs To The Damn Thing? — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Great One… Goad’s podcast gets better when JB Beverley starts regularly co-hosting…. go forward to around episode 84 for the good stuff.. Some of the earlier stuff is definitely in the foothills of the learning curve. I’m currently ploughing through Whiteness too. He’s a great writer IMO. If you ever get time, his column at is worth taking a look at – I think that’s where the stuff in Whiteness comes from.

    Your ‘cast with Cappy yesterday was great. Really enjoyed your ZFG list. Took a few tips myself. BTW could it be said that if Cappy hikes like you drive, that you hike like Piggott drives?

    And yes, you’re saying my totally fake name correctly.

    Lastly, if you want to do an episode of ‘what could possibly go wrong when the government gets involved in things?’ have a look at this video about the contact tracing stuff for COVID and how it’s being implemented in America. It’s pretty fuckin’ insane. They’re gonna crawl further up your ass than ever before. Do people still sing ‘land of the free, home of the brave’ with a straight face over there?

    • Co-host? Uh-oh. That could go either way. I’ll get there eventually. I see he just ended the podcast with episode 150.

      I have put his Taki Mag feed in my RSS reader.

      I am gonna write up the ZFG list and put it on the site. I think this could be useful to the tiny number of people ready to embrace enjoying the decline.

      I’m 12 minutes into the video you linked right now. No big surprises. “You have no right not to be vaccinated.” As I keep saying, American’s are slaves. Tax cattle. Property. They are owned by the State. Yes some do in fact cling to the fantasy of free and brave.

    • Shit, forgot to respond to the dig on Piggott’s excuse for driving.

      I hike slower than Cappy hikes, but faster than Piggott drives. The only thing slower than Piggott’s driving is absolute zero.

      • Yeah, it’s probably overplaying it to say any of his sidekicks have been co-hosts. JB is pretty cool – he’s a guest on an early episode. He keeps snakes. His main job is cringe-laughing at Goad’s comments about (((those guys))).

        BTW not a spoiler alert … I think this knowledge adds extra relish to the work… Keith E Lee who’s Goad’s early sidekick ate a Colt 45 sandwich a couple weeks ago. Makes the suicide jokes in those episodes so much more delicious.

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