Anarchy Moment 0264 – People Wearing Masks Are Standing In Line For Food. Christian Cucks Are Upset About PUAs Using Game. This Is Why The Right Has Lost The Culture War. — 3 Comments

  1. I haven’t come across the cucks who are attacking PUAs… but then I try to avoid reading cucks, so.

    I don’t get the pedestal argument – how is manipulating dumb women into letting you cum in them pedestalizing?

    • A few months ago I came across some PUA hate from boomer cuckservatives. The first argument was that game it’s based on lies, you’re not the extroverted Chad you’re trying to sell yourself to women as therefore even if you gain a wife through game the whole thing would be built on a foundation of lies. To which I’d answer that everything about women is built on a foundation of lies, from the number of men they’ve slept with to their face paint hiding skin imperfections, and of course Christian women are no exception.

      The second argument was a feminist one: “PUAs are exploiting the poor naive whamenz and their fragile hearts! Think of the whamenz!” Quick question, how come these so-called patriarchal men always side with feminism? Historically speaking they’ve also backed up a prohibition movement led by a suffragette. I don’t know about you but It seems to me like they’re always pedestalizing vagina by cucking for their wives, daughters, sisters…etc.

    • The thought process I think I’m seeing is along this line:

      Using game to pick up women is changing your behaviour for the benefit of women, thus is pedistalizing women and seeking validation from women.

      What you should be doing instead of using game on women is finding a good woman, getting married in the eyes of God, and making babies.

      I still might be imagining this, but I’m gonna start looking for it. If I find it I’m sure you’ll hear all about it in a podcast. Or twelve.

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