Linkage: 3 March, 2020 – The Low Hanging Fruit of Twitter. #CLSology — 4 Comments

  1. >Trump and Obama tied for ‘most admired man’ in 2019 according to new poll

    The same Gallup polls claimed in 2016 Hilary Clinton would become prez.

    >Trump hit on her

    It’s a badge of fucking honor for a bitch if it really happens (and they love it).

    >Weinstein trial

    Women have being pursuing the oldest profession in the world to their advantage since time began.

    >Claims to have beaten cancer for the 4th time

    If you actually beat an illness, it does not reappear another 3 times…. hopefully the 5th will score a direct hit.

    Now for a bit of a bitch on my part….. GO you’ve been promising a yoga pants girl special now for more than a year….

    hint hint..

    • The fuck man, your comment went into the spam. Good thing I’ve started checking the spam box.

      Now if could just check the boxes of the CSU Women’s Volleyball team.

      Anyhow, enough about my fantasies.

      Yes – polls mean nothing in reality. Don’t mean they aren’t worth using and abusing when their funny.

      As for the Yoga Pants Girl episode, it’s close to happening…

  2. Some others probably ended up in spam as well…… anyways I now have to pay good money to access your dam site too, the reason you have not had to put up with my commenting for a short while. For some mysterious reason I could not load your site anymore from a few months back….. I’ve since learned my ISP here in Oz is now actively blocking sites they deem to spread “hate speech”…. once I installed a paid VPN service access was again possible.

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