Linkage: 15 May, 2018 #TheTriggering — 2 Comments

  1. Hey GO, was just thinking as I looked at that pic you posted here of the non-objectified women vs objectified women, there’s a red-head in among the fugs in the first pic that might meet your standards if she cleaned herself up and wore decent clothes plus emptied her mind of any bullshit. You’ll notice she has not disfigured her face like the fugs around her.

    It’s so telling when you notice an individual specimen in among the trash you realize could do so much better in life if they just ditched all the bullshit. The lack of a disfigured face says to me that she may be possibly saved – i.e. she has not internalized self hate to the point where she will destroy her face. The face of a chick is ground zero in the war for her mind – when she destroys her face you know she it lost.

    • Howdy Dave. You have good eyes. I agree, the red head could be normalized. Not normieized, she’s already got that going on.

      I also think you make a good point about women destroying their faces. That does seem to be an indicator they are lost. Many women who are all about the tattoos and chandeliers hanging from their belly buttons will not rush into the facial mutilation. When you start screwing up your face that’s a good indicator something is very wrong with you and beyond repair. The nose ring in the middle is the first step towards that decline. I would bang a girl with a nose ring is she were hot enough otherwise but she could never be a keeper.

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