Linkage: 23 April, 2019 – Intelligence Matters #TheTriggering — 2 Comments

  1. Wait a second Great One. Are you telling me that Israel is on the 44th place with an IQ of 92?! But I thought jews are these great titans of intellect, even Cappy has been spewing some jewish talking points lately about how (((they))) got where they are because of their superior IQ and work ethic yet their own ethnostate it’s behind most Eastern European countries in terms of intelligence. Oh, I know! Only American jews are ubermenschen, there’s no other explanation goyim so you better stop questioning their over-representation right now or I’ll scream “Nazi!” at you until the nice men in blue uniform put you in a cage.

  2. Hey GO,

    Nice to know that my own (white) people according to that chart are apparently smarter than the (((special people))), yet dumb enough to let them destroy my country and flood it with the 3rd world. P.S. I get a virus warning when visiting that link you posted by Avast.

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