Anarchy Moment 0263 – A Four-fecta Of Smackdown. — 1 Comment

  1. “2. How do you people not have either stuff or money? What the fuck are you doing with your fucking money?”

    Let’s see…
    -Eating out. No one knows how to cook anything besides pasta, they start their day by ordering food at work and then they go to shitty fast food restaurants afterwards.
    -Sinning. Cigarettes, booze and dope can be very expensive. Especially doing all three at the same time like a degenerate hippie.
    -Cars they can’t afford. I currently live in a Eastern European country where the average person makes around $8000 per year, despite that everyone I know borrowed money in order to get a $15k-$22K car, because looking like you’re successful it’s far more important than actually being successful.
    -Expensive beauty products/clothes. Women gonna woman.
    -Video games that they don’t actually play. Everyone’s a “gamer” around these parts… everyone buys $60 console games + DLCs that can go for another $5-$20. Guess what? Most of these expensive AAA games have various achievements ranging from killing X number of enemies to defeating the final boss, and you can see what percentage of players got a certain achievement, to my surprise I’ve found out that nearly 82% of players never get the achievement for defeating the final boss meaning that they drop these expensive-ass games before completing them.
    -Subscriptions. Netflix, fast internet for their iPhones, TV cable, PSN, private health insurance they can’t afford because of the mandatory state insurance…etc.
    -Fantasy ebooks. Women spend a fortune on these young adult non-dead-tree books.
    -Sportsball. Men spend a fortune to get drunk on a stadium while seeing their shitty local teams kick a ball around.
    -Taxation. Apparently me only being taxed 32% it’s considered fairly low by EU standards, I can’t imagine living in Northern Europe.

    “3. 85% of people lack the instinct for self-preservation. Thus the chant “Immigrants! Come on over!”

    True. They’re ok with spreading AIDS and promoting homosexuality in schools, however you better get vaccinated before touching little boys cuz otherwise they might catch the flu. LOL

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