Anarchy Moment 0258 – The Great One Wastes Part Of His Finite Life Attempting To Warn Women. You’re Welcome. — 3 Comments

  1. My husband and I listened to this podcast together too.
    There are a good handful of women in there 20’s that we know personally that would benefit from hearing this, but as you concluded- they don’t have ears to hear.
    On a side note- that particular woman will not actually commit suicide as women have no follow through. She was telling you her suicidal thoughts in the hopes you would report her to law enforcement and she would get some attention from cops and maybe even some doctors during a psych eval.
    Another side note- why the fuck is suicide illegal in some parts of the world? (With the exception of doctor assisted suicide of course…)

    • My apologies.
      My husband corrected me.
      Suicide is not illegal in most parts of the world, (or at least not illegal in the United States). It is assisting or encouraging someone to kill themselves that is illegal, (unless the suicidal someone lives in one of the ten states that doctor assisted death is legal).
      However, where my husband and I live, suicidal subjects do get a law enforcement response when law enforcement is made aware of a possible suicidal subject. Yet again I ask, why? Why does law enforcement respond?
      There are only three outcomes to a law enforcement response for a suicidal subject that I can come up with.
      1) The suicidal subject is like this woman who won’t actually kill herself but will instead enjoy the attention of cops and doctors and will therefore continue to be “suicidal” when she is extremely lonely so people (i.e. cops) are forced to respond to her and chat with her, and depending on what she says- take her to the hospital to be evaluated, thus ending her loneliness for a short while… which, frankly, abating loneliness for a short while is not the job of cops and doctors.
      2) The suicidal subject doesn’t have follow through and doesn’t live in a doctor assisted death state, so the suicidal subject acts in a way to be killed by the responding officers, (aka “suicide” by cop”). Again, not the cop’s job to finish the act of suicide for someone who doesn’t have the balls to kill themselves, but I can see there is benefit in this outcome. Someone who kills themselves by cop is probably not the kind of citizen anyone wants in their community.
      3) The suicidal subject has follow through and will be dead or beyond help by the time law enforcement arrives.
      Although, it is again law enforcement that is called for dead bodies, and bodies are easier to clean up sooner rather than later.

      So, unless there is another outcome I am not thinking of, dispatchers need to do a better job figuring out if a suicidal subject is actually suicidal, (i.e. the law enforcement response is going require a body clean up), or if the suicidal subject is just lonely. Once this is determined by dispatch, then send cops accordingly.

      • OMG!!! You allow your husband to correct you? That’s sexual abuse. #YouToo!!

        But seriously…

        In Ancapadise encouraging people to kill themselves will be encouraged. That’s called natural selection.

        Yet here in the U.S. one can encourage white people to stop having children and step aside for the implementation of The Great Replacement. Which is genetic and racial suicide.

        To answer your question, law enforcement responds to suicides because:

        1. It’s safer for them then interacting with real criminals.
        2. They don’t have anything to do because the crime rates in places populated by majority white populations are very low.
        3. They work for the state and the state wants to keep inferior people alive. Inferior people need the state and if you don’t need the state the state don’t need you.
        4. Every suicide is one less head of tax cattle.
        5. The state doesn’t want you to kill yourself. The state wants you to go to a doctor and have the medical-industrial complex kill you. This normalizes being killed by the state and generates more tax revenue as you have to pay the doctor to kill you.

        Now get away from that abusive husband before he drives you to suicide. Or voting Democrat. But I repeat myself…

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