Anarchy Moment 0219 – The Great One Has So Much Anger. Are You Surprised? — 2 Comments

  1. I seem to recall in a much earlier podcast you stated the place you were likely to take had a fire place?

    If so, you’ll find a fire a means of helping to vent – I find splitting a lot of wood (heh.. wood) and then getting a roaring fire going helps me to vent and work off steam without being self destructive.

    Yeah funny how you’re seeing lots of hot girls as you’re about to leave…. funny that…. kinda like fate is trying to test your metal.

    I think the change of scenery will be for the better, something akin to a fresh start, you might find it more positive than you think after the move is over and done with.

    • It does have a fireplace. That was one of the things that sold me on it.

      And I’m still not gonna be far from the hot girls. I’m only moving about 6 blocks away. I like this part of town way too much.

      ‘Cause of the hot girls of course.

      But you are right – once it’s done I think it will be a great thing for my sanity and my outlook. I hate a chaos of moving but I do enjoy putting the chaos back into order.

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