Anarchy Moment 0300 – Monday Morning Ranting with The Great One. Cuckservatives Are Libtards. Christians Are Womynz. — 4 Comments

  1. If Buddhism was the west’s historical religion, people would be flocking to it. No one is running to the church because they believe in the Bible. They are joining because in their mind the church – any church- is an attachment to some form of group/history.

    That’s why so many people on the right join orthodoxy or Catholicism. They will talk about history and tradition, yet never mention Christ when discussing their “conversion.” Eg, Cough cough a friend of your podcast

    As per the church, the people who believe in what the Bible teaches are leaving it too since the organized church cowered to the culture decades ago.

    • Needing a group to be part of is a big part of human psychology. I think you’re right to a great degree here. People could have their history and tradition had they not turned race traitor and betrayed their nations. But they did and now they need something to fill the hole they dug.

  2. Christianity is the last hippie dream of the right, they seek the approval of mud people (blacks in particular) just as much as the left and they think Christianity’s gonna be the thing binding them together.

    Cuckservatives: “Maybe we won’t get exterminated, maybe we can sing kumbaya together with BASED™ negros and m-maybe it’s ok for 85 IQ Tyrone to impregnate my daughter as long as he’s a good Christian boy.”

    My boomer dad told me once that he has no problem with inter-racial marriages because ‘God created all of us’. Haha, I’m pretty sure if the creator of the universe didn’t want distinct races to exist then he would’ve made just one muddy race from the beginning.

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