Stating The Obvious 0589 – Book Discussion: The Millennial’s Guide to Changing The World – Episode VIII: Millennials Millennials Say They Are Going To Save The Planet But All They Do Is Smoke Dope and Smell Bad. — 2 Comments

  1. Fuck Apple and their idiot users. If you’re not running some $10,000/seat commercial application on Windows, there is no reason to not run Linux. I laugh every time one of these morons has to take their 13 month old Macbook to the Apple Store and get raped for $800+ and two weeks to repair the chintzy keyboard or flimsy LCD.

    Gentoo Master Race Uber Alles.

  2. Cob is mud with straw in it. It’s semi-serviceable for building primitive huts in a desert. Hippies love to use it in Pacific Northwest rainforests because they are retarded and don’t understand that rain beats mud. You know what beats both straw and mud? Fire plus time. You know, like in an oven.

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