Linkage: 19 February, 2019 featuring Frank Cervi #TheTriggering — 1 Comment

  1. >”Authorities had posted about her arrest on the sheriff’s Facebook account but later removed the post due to an influx of inappropriate statements about the child and teacher.”

    Societal shamming was a very effective tactic for constraining the bad behavior of women in times gone by – as it occurred at the societal level, in other words it was everywhere, reminding them that being a pedo was not only against the law and Christianity, but would also get your ass kicked and jailed. But we can’t have society policing such behavior now can we?

    >”Hope is not a process.”

    Yup, it’s a coping strategy for those who have no real ability towards dealing with their shit. And coping strategies are simply a means of hiding yourself away from reality, rarely proving to be anything but a temporary addressing your own failure.

    >”They simply can not handle all the attention and compliments and flirting they are getting from these super hormonal teenage boys every single day, especially since most of these women are in their sexual peak years as well.”

    Societal shaming and serious punishment were the refined response to this shit in the past and it worked. I’ve heard in the past that it is argued that women mature earlier than men – their unrestrained behavior is suggesting otherwise. When the stocks, whippings, and other means of public punishment went out of fashion in the West, so did good behavior.

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