Linkage: 6 March, 2018 #TheTriggering — 1 Comment

  1. I liked the video about female comics in general and agree with the assertion that in general, women are not as funny as men.
    However, the guy doing the narrating stated that men develop comedic ability in their efforts to attract women. That is wrong.
    Males are just on average more naturally funny than females. I’ve know quite a few men who were funny guys. I’ve yet to meet one naturally funny female in my close to seventy years of living.
    Males just have a much broader (no pun intended) comic imagination. There are funny female comedians here and there. Just not as many as males and not as funny.
    Does anyone think a female comic would ever do a routine like Sam Kinison did on starvation in Africa? It was hysterically funny and incredibly un-p.c. No female comic would think of doing something like that.
    Females simply don’t think of off-beat i.e. subjects as much as males.

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