No More Volleyball Chycks? — 4 Comments

        • But are they really?

          Point: Redhead chycks are usually either really hot or really not. I’ll estimate 20% of redheads are 8-10s. 70% are 0-5s. 10% are in the 6-7s range.

          Now is that really any different than the breakdown among blondes and brunets? Or does it seem different due to the fact that redheads stand out because there are fewer of them.

          Example: In a restaurant a few days ago. There were 2 redheads working there. One was a 4. The other was an 8. That’s 50/50. Certainly of the blondes and brunets working there the split wasn’t 50/50. And this place is large and busy. There were between bartenders and waitresses and hostesses at least 15 girls in the pool of which I speak.

          Fuck all this politics. This is what’s important. I may need to conduct a “scientific study” to determine the percentage of hottie vs non-hottie redheads as compared to the rest of the population.

          I wonder if the Trumpenfurhur will give me a federal research grant for that.

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