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  1. Former President Donald Trump blasted the anti-Israel protests erupting across US college campuses as a “radical revolution” and vowed to deport any foreign students involved if he were re-elected, he told donors in New York this month.

    “One thing I do is [with] any student that protests — I throw them out of the country. You know, there are a lot of foreign students,” Trump told the group during a May 14 roundtable, according to the Washington Post.

    “As soon as they hear that, they’re going to behave,” the defiant 2024 hopeful added.

    During the meeting, at least one of the donors reportedly bemoaned the possibility that one of the student protesters could eventually rise to political power in the future.

    But Trump, 77, assured the donors he would fight to end the “radical revolution” on college campuses, declaring it “has to be stopped now,” the Washington Post reported.

    Published May 27, 2024, 1:17 p.m. ET

    • His first 4 years were a total shit-fest of failures and broken promises, plus he even allowed his own daughter to taint the family blood.

      So I don’t even need to hear him ever say another word – he’s an old boomer who can’t stop admiring his own reflection.

      Surely white Americans aren’t that gullible and stupid?

    • Trumps biggest problem now after being convicted is to be careful when bending over to pick up the soap.

      By the time he gets out he will be at least 82, so he is still in his prime for the presidency…

      I notice all the Trump-tards are out in force crying their asses off, seriously what did they expect? of course the old boomer was going to get shafted – was his ego so big that he thought he would get let off?

      Time for Trump supporters to post more pics of themselves holding gums on social media which is as about as close to 1776 as they will ever get.

      Trump’s moment in history arrived at the start of 2020 where he could have called upon the military to deal with the election fraud – but instead will be remembered for the cowardice he ultimately displayed and his family will also be punished over time for it as well.

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