Stating The Obvious 0782 – Book Discussion – Count Down – Episode VI: The Danger To Women’s Reproduction is Eating Too Little and Exercising Too Much. You Read That Correctly. — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve heard of many cases where dumb bitches eat little, exercise a lot and have menstruation issues and infertility problems, but there’s a catch, they were vegan.

    Now, think about it, most dumb NPC whores out there copy each other based on tiktok videos and instagram reels, where they show the trashy starvation diets they eat. What do those diets mostly consist of?

    Plants and barely any animal products. Who would have thought eating avocado toast, quinoa pudding, “Just Egg”(vegan eggs), vegan “butter”, “oat milk” is terrible for women’s health.

    Then on top of that they exercise and they deplete what little nutrients they had left over in their bodies, many such cases.

    So believe it or not, the woman in the book is actually right about it. Women’s modern diets are so shit that they cause infertility. If they eat a diet that is 80-90% percent vegan, is it that surprising that their hormones and menstruation cycles are fucked?

    Now, if the women actually eat healthy diets, with animal products and not fucking plant based “milks”, not only are they perfectly breedable and fertile, but they can also be slim, hot and skinny and athletic/sportive on top of that too. Sports are fine for women, except for lifting weights, as that puts too much stress on their petite bodies.

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