Stating The Obvious 0771 – Boomers, Books, Movies, Girls Scout Cookies and More. Always More. The More Will Never Stop Until The Final Solution Is Implemented. — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Great One, long time listener, first time commenter. I’m still hoping you’ll do a podcast about CommonFilth. I didn’t know who he was until you shared one of his shows on other people’s podcasts a few years ago. I listened to a few of his old shows at the time, and I’ve listened to all of his new episodes since he came back. He’s really intriguing to listen to, mostly as a cautionary tale. Even though he seems to have gone off the rails into crazy town, he doesn’t come off like an actual crazy person. More like a rational person with insane beliefs. I don’t get how he became so convinced of his conclusions in the short time he was on hiatus. Looking forward to your take on what happened to him.

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