Anarchy Moment 0403 – Fat People Have A Choice. That’s Why I Chose To Hate Them. — 7 Comments

  1. So, the Kansas City Stupor Bowl parade shooting has dropped from “the news” cycle due to the suspects being dindu Basketball Americans.
    I was hoping it was fat pipo, simply for the entertainment value.

  2. I’d come to your show if I can get a tourist visa to USA. But I would need a 3 months notice, because just travel would cost me to work overtime for a month and decline myself from doing anything fun, that’s assuming if I’d get enough work.

    Also, if you ever decide to do a show, let’s war game it together with other long time listeners.

  3. I would SO pay for TGO to show up at an unsuspecting open mic and unleashing one of his rants on the shocked normie crowd. Just give me a mojito to enjoy the ensuing chaos. Of course, to communicate where/when, and sell tickets, you would have to fix your damn website.

    About the eating carbs vs chopping your own leg off dilemma due to the stupid ‘but it’s my culture’ argument: this is where I disagree with TGO about being loyal to your own culture. No, not when it has known deficiencies and attitudes that shoot members of said culture in the foot. My Mexican family of origin knows the issues that their diet causes, but refuse to do anything about it. I move out, learn about diet/nutrition, adapt and feel more at ease in a “white” culture, and somehow I’m the one that’s in the wrong for ‘losing my culture’. No, I reject your ‘reality’ and substitute my own, which is just plain reality (or as close to it as I can get).

    One has to wonder though. People have been eating carbs (potatoes, rice, bread) for thousands of years, and all of a sudden it causes so many flare-ups with people’s bodies and gut health. Gluten sensitivies, allergies, this shit that’s causing people to be pre-diabetic, etc. Perhaps glyphosphate and other chemicals used by industrial farms are more to blame with that.

    Whatever the case, what do intelligent people do? Make inferences and adapt. Cut out the crap that you can’t trust, don’t eat processed, plastic-packaged food when you can, and eat a vegetable and natural-fat heavy diet (meat). Heck, only buy organic bread and carb product if you must (it will be more expensive, which should help with not eating too much of it). Alas, that makes too much sense for most normies. Letting go of ‘their culture’ is a bridge too far.

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