Stating The Obvious 0757 – I Got An Email From Rollo. Why David Goggins Is Not A Soldier. When The Electricity Goes Out. — 4 Comments

  1. I went 28 years of my life without knowing who this faggot Rollo is,and just out of curiosity, decided to look into who youre talking about.

    Dude is a 50 something year old boomer who dresses like he’s in a 90’s rockband, associates with grifters and is one himself, uses a stage name, says nothing of substance, normie tier views on politics, acts like a perpetual teenager. Holy fucking shit, who the fuck is this loser and why do people listen to him?

    • If not for Cappy and TGO, I also wouldn’t know who he is. And I laughed at how you described him, I also went around 30 years of my life without knowing for example who is fat ass tradwhore pearlythings, but apparently a lot of people who call themselves men pay a lot of attention and money to her.

  2. Thanks for discussing, “One Second After”. It was high quality entertainment. Like you, the thing I really liked was reading about well meaning men, making tough decisions and mostly getting them right.

    The best example was, at the end of the book, the main character choosing not to defend against the approaching marauders. Rather, to force them into a decisive battle which, with success, might well entail 30% casualties. Or the execution soon after power going out.

    My only quibble with the book was that (all from memory from years ago) in a small North Carolina college twon in the hills, that there was no “oddball” who had a passion/hobby that, while not solving the problem of Not Having Enough Food For All could have alleviated the situation. Example? I dunno. The oddball guy/gal who stockpiles something “old timey” that would have helped.

    I can’t speak for the United States Great One but I just would have thought that there would be more unusual people in a college town. German TV is mostly rubbish but one good show is where the local TV channel in my state picks a village out of the hat and a film crew go there to show what , if anything, is special about the place. Almost ALWAYS there’s one guy…in villages of even only 600 people who is an absolute EXPERT and collector in something unusual.

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