Anarchy Moment 0388 – I Am Disgusted With Myself For Even Talking About This Internet Drama. Pearl, Venti, Southern, and Yet More of Rollo Destroying Himself. — 9 Comments

  1. Venti, a part-nigger is taking down ‘Pearlythings’, an unmarried nigger-fucking White woman over “purity.” Sit down and let that slowly sink in.

  2. We are so fucked to the point that I wanna ride a hedonistic treadmill all the way down to the collapse of Western civilization. Manosphere is truly fucked, was long time ago, I would even argue since the beginning when MGTOW started trending.

    Have you listened to the latest Rule Zero podcast? A waste of time mostly, all of that podcast could’ve been three times shorter.
    Basically I’ve been vindicated, you, Rollo and others also, when we tried to explain to tradcucks that most of those so called conservative Christian unicorns are whores, but I was called names. God I don’t know who I wanna put against the wall more, political enemies from the left or tradcucks.

    Who the fuck is that Perly Things? I’ve heard one of Cappy’s friends mentioning her on Edward Dutton’s podcast. That friend of his wrote a book about occult origins of feminism. Early feminists were satanists and practiced black magic? Shocking!

    Also thie Rachel not only knows Perly Things, but also is her friend. 🙃

  3. I listen to various content creators for educational and entertainment value they provide and I really think that we’re fucked, good and smart guys in manosphere are collaborating with grifters and betas like Destiny, tradcucks like Lotus Eaters can’t stop licking Lauren Southern’s ran through pussy. I wonder, did she fuck Sargon?

    Men in general create good content and barely get any money, but some ugly tradwhore like Perly Things comes and she is men’s rights sensation and gets to earn bank, guys on our side of the spectrum are pathetic.

    But you see, TGO, me and you are not nice, you have principles and don’t do collabs with subhuman males, you don’t cater to purple pill, that’s why almost no one gives you money, that’s why I almost don’t have friends, because I can’t stand simps, who are pushing their ways on me. That’s why we’re fucked, because everyone prefers popularity, money, being nice, feelings, over doing and saying what needs to be done and said. No, no fucking collabs with tradwhores and grifters who hire prostistutes for their podcasts. Who is willing to make that kind of plea?

    Oh, you know about Margerie Tylor Green or whatever her name, she showed up a lot on Alex Jones show, turns out she divorced probably because she was cheating on her husband, it’s on latest Rule Zero episode I mentioned. Conservative dissident right Christian political hero!

    I’m out, unless I’ll think of something more to comment.

    • I said it once here, more eloquently than how I’m about to reiterate on it, but being the black sheep of the commentors on TGO’s site, Its a given it went over most of you niggers heads.

      Manosphere is a psyop, perhaps it wasnt always, but its what it became once the participants of it began reffering to it as “the manosphere”

      The Manosphere of today is what the manosphere has always been about then. Only it has never once changed, unlike perhaps some of the people who once participated in it. While some individuals matured in their beliefs, they were falsely under the impression this manosphere would age with them. This hasnt been the case, manosphere instead has been on a steady journey to its logical destination. As it has always been about “muh dick”-ism’s, convincing people hypergamy is absolute, brand building and grifting on peoples inadequacies. It thrives off of faux controversy and offers no solution to the problems men have now-a-days. Only ways in which to navigate the decay and deal with the symptoms of dying society. It has its roots in sophistry, and as a result, has no value.

      The pinnacle of manosphere wisdom and value culminates in how many bitches you can get on your dick. And it exploits every avenue to making the adherents to its cult as fuckable as they can be. Whether that be through wealth, health or good game. A “high value man” in manosphere thought is a man that is sexually available and desirable, thats it. No worth on ones honor or principles or deeds, just how desirable you are in the present. I dont know how some niggers fall prey to sophistry and grifting, but its clear we arent surrounded by high flyers.

    • Margerie Taylor Green was rotating cocks WHILE married. Lauren Boebert ruined her husband’s business…and then divorced him. Kevin Costner is getting divorced by his wife so she can fuck his friend. Steve “Man Up” Harvey’s wife id divorcing him for his bodyguard and friend. These women do what they do because men enable them.

  4. These are “males” masquerading as men while continuing to act like childish 13 year old girls. The red pill is the retard pill. NEXT!

    • Its a job man, its nothing personal. Easy way to make wedge and get famous.

      You want real redpills? Go read a history book, go read some philosophy, go outside in sunlight, go lift weights, go travel to your motherland and get in touch with your roots, go practice some radical thinking for once in your life and stop outsourcing your thought process to talking heads on a screen.

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