Anarchy Moment 0387 – Grillcast, Red Island, OnlyFans, A Funeral For The Man-o-sphere, and The Rise of The Cuck-o-sphere. — 11 Comments

  1. You know, TGO, for someone so smart you sure ignored the obvious in this podcast. Vasectomies are promoted in order not to be trapped by some whore, same goes for marriages. Yes, men like that should reproduce in ideal world, but in reality why should someone risk his happiness just because “we need more white babies”? Don’t act like tradcuck and don’t say that men should sacrifice themselves. I’m wandering, is there any white country in the world, where there’s patriarchy, men aren’t getting divorce raped or at least divorced and now some other men are raising their kids and fucking former wife, while still some alimony is required. And to all you westerners, stop talking shit about Easter Europe and Russia like it is some sort of safe haven, cause it’s not. Also, we all know that the percentage of high value white men we want reproducing is much higher than high value white women, there’s not enough good women for every good man. But you don’t have to worry about me reproducing, cause I’m bad at making money, but if I was good at it, I would probably reproduce in Asia, that means I would become a passport bro, in current circumstances it seems the only solution for those who want to have a family and don’t want to get cucked.

    • Even the most tradest of tradcucks are getting cucked. Three-timer Steve Harvey and Two-timer Kevin Costner are getting courtniggered. Their wives are divorcing them for their friends.

  2. Wait,what? Tate fucked Southern? Where is this coming from? Also, Rollo’s daughter? Why do you think so? In that case maybe Molyneux also fucked Lauren. 😀 I’ve been involved in right wing activism when I was young, every good looking enough guy there is basically an Eskimo brother with other guys. 😀

    You are right about manosphere and cuckery. But I forgot what I wanted to elaborate. I only know about Destiny because he debated TFM and I of course didn’t listen to that debate and I was vindicated, because it happened the same way as I thought it would happen.

    I’m thinking of dying my hair blue and I don’t give a fuck what any tradcuck has to say about it. And yes, bright colours means a thing to avoid in nature.

  3. @Alan Roger CurryCEl
    Thats a good point! I remember Great One saying Cappy is his own man, which is true, but at least call him out for associating and promoting this grift. This does not help our cause…. it just keeps us boxed in.

  4. Fuck the cuck-o-sphere! Its been a joke since 2020. Nothing but grifters collaborating to keep their channels relevant, then turning on each other over money. These idiots are acting like high school freshman. An absolute joke of a place to be online now.

  5. Wait, youre telling me a bald mulatto human trafficker with no jaw, blue haired anti-natalist cuckold and a muslimist farming implement from the 1700’s arent the future of our hecking awesome and tradpilled manosphere movement?! Say it aint so!

    Unrelated but dissapointed you fell for the Fresh and Fit psyop and didnt atleast watch the episode they had with Nick Fuentes and Destiny. Nick is good crack, youll like him.

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