Stating The Obvious 0744 – Boomer Great One Story Time! Two Days, No Coffee. Gurlz, (((Banking))), Lauren Southern’s Divorce and More! — 10 Comments

  1. 1a. Be lookatme thot.
    1b. Collect simpbucks.
    2a. Claim to be ‘trad’.
    2b. Collect simpbucks.
    3a. Wait until wall approaches.
    3b. Collect simpbucks.
    4a. Get married to brown/mystery meat.
    4b. Collect simpbucks.
    5a. Have possible bastard child from side cock.
    5b. Collect simpbucks.
    6a. Get divorced.
    6b. Collect simpbucks.

  2. The day when Southern or Peterson will have emotional breakdown on camera will be the day when I’ll go and treat myself something a little more expensive than your average whiskey. I prefer fresh tasting ones with at least ten years of storage.

    Yeah, approved comments adiscourage people from posting. I’d suggest you just delete comments you don’t like and do an IP ban if someone can’t stop from writing fiction about Adam. Also, it would be nice to have some blood sports once in a while if by any chance any normie blue pilled simps would accidentally come here.

      • I meant his daughter. Yes, he already had a breakdown, I wouldn’t shit on person purely just because he happened to have something to happen to him, but considering that he is a cuck and raised whore of a daughter, that tells a lot about him.

        I’m waiting for Mikhaila to have a breakdown after she hits the wall and things won’t go as she wants them to.

  3. “On the off chance a woman listens to this…”
    TGO- I’ve been listening for years and will continue.
    Your, literally hitler, fan girl

    • Oh, look, our sausage party has a girl. Cmon, guys, let’s start fighting over her.

  4. Hey Great One! With tax season finally over, I’m going back to doing livestreams with Clarey again so wanted to make sure you know about it. Going live this Wednesday night, hope you can bust our balls in the chat again sometime.

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