Stating The Obvious 0734 – The News From Texas Episode III: Monkeypox Infected Police Can’t Get Abortions Due To Locked Doors While Bussing Immigrants To Walmart Parking Lots To Get WuVaxxed Against Free Speech Because Fentanyl Is Killing More People Than Wuhan And Critical Race Theory Is Equivalent To Physics. — 4 Comments

  1. Three quality podcasts from TGOH in a row?! Did the Star Wars computer die? Maybe I should give you some cuck bucks. Maybe.

  2. I remember a video, where in the beginning of invasion in Ukraine one of Russian troops wasted probably whole magazine on home appliances store’s door and still wasn’t able to open it. But yeah, if it was up to me, I would find something to break that door in less than an hour. It’s a matter of minutes if children’s life is in danger. Fucking degenerate lefties and cucks, they would fight even if their daughters were getting raped.

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