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  1. This judge’s ruling on conscription is great news and will hopefully stick.

    This is very interesting….99.99% of women don’t want to serve or fight in any war – they like the idea of being able to join up if they want to (they want this ‘right to do so’ in their mind), but they in reality have no desire to actually do it and fight. Kinda like loving the idea and the process of getting married – they just don’t want to be married.

    So if they are now at risk of conscription, would this affect their voting patterns for various political parties and candidates that are more likely to start / provoke wars? For example the Demms history of stoking war with Russia for example….. this first dose of ‘real’ equality may open a Pandora box for women where they discover what it is really like to be a man.

    The realization of what ‘true’ equality is like may now help push younger women back towards wanting a sane society.

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