The Greasy Pole 0025 – The Internet Episode — 8 Comments

  1. We went a bit too far lads. Poor Adam nearly got PTSD from our mean internet comments about his furbaby, and ran away to a different country.

  2. Well, tough shit. I also would like to get wasted with people from the internet, but those people don’t live in Eastern Europe or South West UK. And even if they’d live, they would probably tell me to go fuck myself, because I keep shitting on Star Wars. And I’m not that kind of a person to pretend in public, play nice, make artificial relationships and shit like that. From what I’ve listened in your podcasts, I don’t know how you’re still able to hang out from time to time with your normie buddies. I had a chance to meet with some people from some libertarian movement, but I didn’t go, because apart being antivax they are simps, betas and crypto leftists, as one of your listeners described libertarian women. I would also get a dog, but I can’t be bothered. Ask Adam, how much does it cost to take care of a dog montly, so I could calculate, how many blow jobs I can get for that price.

    • I can only hang out with normies because it’s one of my few insights into what sort of shit they are falling for.
      Since I don’t watch any current TV or listen to the radio or do much pop culture and social media I’m very out of touch.
      But it is painful.
      Hanging out with my three friends that last time I was in Fort Collins nearly killed me. And I nearly killed them.

  3. Ironically one of the reasons I got banned from his blog was because I said something to the tune of “Stop focusing on this online shit and build your own communities”. I got called a fed and a glowie by his cabal of cult followers, and then a possible ASIO agitator by Adam himself.


    Now he’s saying the exact same thing.


    I know it’s borderline fedposting, but that’s because it’s accurate.

    Also now is about the right time to point out I’m actually one of Adam’s multiple personalities, hi TGO! I hope my levels weren’t fucked because I’ll be fucked if I’ll fix them before the next greasy pole!

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