Stating The Obvious 0728 – The Club Q Circus: Former Chad Grovels For The LGBTKKK+ — 3 Comments

  1. So wasted on you… you said:

    “So, here’s your homework guys, I need you to go and watch some porn movies and if someone comes in and catches you, like you’re at work, or let’s say you’re married, your wife, or your daughter, your grandmother or whatever, sees you watching a porn movie, you can say: I’m doing this because the Great One told me to, this is my homework, as a podcast listener, to the Great One, because he has a podcast, he’s not guy-streaming on YouTube, like noddle armed Chad Elkins, he has an actual real podcast and has been doing for eighteen years because, unlike women he is capable of commitment; and I need to comment to being a listener to the Great One and digesting what he says and, you know, examining the philosophy that he puts forth on the podcast and so part of that is that I have to test the theories that he puts out and so the Great One said on his podcast, a real podcast not a guy-cast on YouTube, the Great One said on his podcast: women do not enjoy sex and porn actresses are not enjoying themselves and if you watch them while they are getting fucked with men, by men, you can see them, that they are just staring off into space and just wondering if the cheque has cleared yet and thinking about what colour they are going to paint their nails when they are finished, so they don’t give a shit and that’s why I’m watching this porn because I need to see if the Great One was right about that or if he is just full of shit because sometimes he says things and he doesn’t really know what the fuck he is talking about but he says them anyway, you know, kind of like a woman. So that’s what you tell whoever it is that questions why you’re watching porn. OK.” (21:20)

    The implication being that I ended-up watching porn, touching my dick, for half a day (12 hours) because it was that interesting… I was being referential… regarding the moot point you explored at 19:15.

    • I did say that didn’t I.

      I am a fucking genius. One of the reasons I don’t listen to my own podcast is that I would so intimidated by my own intelligence that I’d never podcast again.

      Even more intimidated than I am by Emily after I saw a photo of her asshole.

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