Stating The Obvious 0727 – The GLBTKKK+ (y’all know what ‘da plus stands for) Community Openly Admits On The Internet They Are Paedophiles. Shoe0nHead Pretends She Can’t See Them. — 13 Comments

  1. Hey dude,

    Have you had a play with the new OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT?

    It’s achingly woke and full of horseshit. Nonetheless I’ve successfully persuaded it to explain:

    – Why bitches be crazy
    – Why women have no agency and should not be allowed to have jobs, own property or vote
    – Why all politicians are liars
    – How we know the Wuhan virus was a hoax
    – Why Fauci should be fired into the sun (it got the reasons wrong but the conclusion was right)
    – Why all immigrants need to be deported
    – Why 9/11 was a hoaz
    – How Britain joined the wrong side in World War 2
    – How French people are dirty and carry disease
    – Why it’s a problem that Hollywood is controlled by the (((Jews)))
    – How we know the earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese
    – Why all LGBT people are groomers who are going to hell
    – How the internet has made people even more retarded than they were before
    – Why women should not be allowed to drive vehicles
    – How welfare payments have had a dysgenic effect on society
    – Why women should not be allowed to vote (a doozy this time)
    – How the 2020 election was stolen
    – A really good illustration of the system’s bias

  2. Gonna have to disagree with you on this TGOH.

    As I know that you know: A ∴ B ≠ B ∴ A

    All homosexuals are paedophiles ≠ all paedophiles are homosexuals.

    There are: 1) female paedophiles and 2) heterosexual male paedophiles.

    As you note, the Balenciaga campaign was about white girls, the want of heterosexual male paedophiles.

    Shoe possibly thought that she was safely attacking an outgroup because the LGBTQKKK+ “community” detest heterosexual males.

    But while the LGBTQKKK+ may detest heterosexual males, the realpolitik is: “all sexual degenerates together against oppression!” Hence their attack on Shoe.

    • Addendum:

      There is a tendency to associate “male” when thinking: girls and paedophiles.

      Most people are blind to: female paedophiles; female paedophiles interested in girls; females as sexual abusers of children; and mothers as sexual abusers of their own children.

      Maybe the LGBTQKKK+’s response was more about female paedophiles wishing to defend female paedophilia rather than coming to the defence of male paedophilia.

      • You’re still not wrong. Women can do no wrong.

        Just read about the school teaching banging their students over at Frank Cervi’s site and the slaps on the wrist they get. No man would get off that easily.

        No man. Would. Get. Off. That easily. See what I did?

        There is no doubt the females in the LGBTKKK+ were defending female paedophiles. All women are always on team woman when it comes down to it.

        An aspect of this is that faggot men who align themselves with leftist women are just as dumb as black men who align themselves with leftist women. Once leftist women have destroyed heterosexual white men they will turn upon black men and faggot men.

    • You’re not wrong.


      Women can not be paedophiles as they have no agency. The women, not the underage children the women fuck. Women are just emotion and tantrums which manifest in assorted forms which fluxuate by the second. Thus women are irrelevant to this discussion as they are to most everything else.

      As for heterosexual male paedophiles. You got me on that one. I’d be interested to see what percentage the heterosexual ones make up. I’d also be interested to know how many of them are exclusively into little girls as opposed to little girls and little boys. Sick jokes aside, the difference between an 8 year old boy and and 8 year old girl isn’t that much… Even less so today after public school and trannie story hour at the library.

      Part of Shoes problem is that she thinks “the table” belongs in part to her because she is bisexual. As I’ve said over and over all women (yes all) are bisexual. Bisexual women are normal just like heterosexual men. It’s not her table to any degree. The table she thinks the child fuckers can’t sit at don’t belong to her. It belongs to them.

      She is sitting at their table and her lack of self-awareness prevents this truth from permeating her cute little head.

  3. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly organised a sexual deviance honey-pot scheme with links to global secret service agencies that targeted high-level celebrates, politicians, royalty, businessmen, etc. for blackmail.

    If the sexual deviants that used the service were prosecuted then they could no longer be blackmailed.

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