Stating The Obvious 0596 – When A Woman Gives Up On Life She Gets A Dog. When A Red Pill Man Gives Up On Life He Gets God. — 9 Comments

  1. GO’s next Xmas present:

    The red pill has become nothing but an attempt to extract money from dickheads…

    I burst out laughing when you first said “smash that like button”…. that is so fucking true.

    Many of these so called red pill experts that charge money reminds me of the real-estate circus of the 1990s where we had lots of so called experts offering secrets towards making millions in real-estate…. after you pay them lots of money.

    Today’s red pill”is fast becoming a snake oil salesmen’s delight.

    “Hope” is also a means of cope…. we cope when we accept the way things are with no real intent to press for change.

    • Smash that like button!

      While I’m making fun of the red pill sphere lately we do have to keep in mind that any “sphere” that become a thing is going to attract snake oil salesmen out to make a profit. For example, millennials. In-demand author and consultant Alison Lee Sher is attempting to milk the millennial-sphere and make money selling bull shit. It’s always going to happen. It happened in libertarian spheres, anarcho-capitalist spheres, alt-right spheres. You can’t stop it.

      But you can ridicule it.

      For now. Tomorrow you be banned from the internet.

  2. I can’t believe how fucking gay Dave Cullen has become. Yes dear Christians, let us pray for our enemies FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!!! Maybe after hearing our prayers God will violate their free will by turning them into right-wingers. lol

    Here’s another red pill for you Matrix obsessed 30-somethings, the soy boys you’re fighting are evil and low IQ not misguided.
    -The Evil Part: “I will take what I want from both the middle class and the 1% because fuck them and their privileged families, after all I’m doing this in the name of the greater good. What’s the greater good exactly? Me, my dope-smoking friends with art degrees and that one fat broad with three children that lets me pound her axe wound every once in a while.”
    -The Low IQ Part: “My theft exists in a bubble, there’s no way it will have any long term consequences and there’s just no way the 1% are smart enough to move their resources around the globe.”

    • Dave has gone massive gay.

      I am fucking fed up with this “they know not what they do” / misguided excuse that idiots make for their enemies. The libtards know exactly what they are doing. They know they are lazy. They know they are stupid. They know they are selfish. They know they are parasites.

      The only people who can’t figure out what the leftards know is the alt-right.

  3. I can say that the Orthodox Church which Roosh has joined is not 100% cucked as women are not allowed in the altar. However, the discipline of making women wear veils has fallen by the wayside. Few Alpha males there except the priest himself.

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