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  1. Write a friendly email from “The Great One Himself” to Bob, explaining to Bob why it’s immoral and illegal to take something (physical property or intellectual property) that belongs to someone else and then sell that thing.

    [I think the problem with the below is that it just sounds too fucking pious, to the point where I would want to kill someone who sent me this email]

    Dear Bob,

    I hope this email finds you well. As “The Great One Himself,” I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about the importance of respecting the property of others.

    It’s never okay to take something that belongs to someone else and then sell it. This is true whether we’re talking about physical property, like a piece of jewelry or a car, or intellectual property, like a book or a song.

    Not only is this behavior immoral, it’s also illegal. Taking someone else’s property without their permission is a form of theft, and it can have serious consequences. Not only can it damage the person’s reputation and business, but it can also lead to legal action being taken against you.

    I understand that it might be tempting to try to make a quick buck by selling someone else’s stuff, but it’s simply not worth the risk. Not only could you end up in legal trouble, but you could also damage your own reputation and relationships with others.

    I encourage you to always respect the property of others and to only sell things that you have the right to sell. This will not only help you avoid legal and moral issues, but it will also help you build trust and respect with others.

    The Great One Himself


    Please try to be less sanctimonious. Stick to the facts. Try again.


    Dear Bob,

    I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to discuss the issue of taking and selling someone else’s property without their permission.

    It is illegal to take someone else’s physical or intellectual property and sell it without their permission. This is known as theft, and it is a crime that can result in criminal charges and legal consequences.

    In addition to being illegal, this behavior is also unethical. It violates the rights of the owner and can cause them harm or loss. It is important to respect the property of others and to only sell things that you have the right to sell.

    I hope this information is helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


    • If I’d find, and there were instances when I did, on the street belongings of a leftist, I would throw it away and if there’s any cash, I would take it. “Fucking Arabic feminist, go pay for your new documents and posh bag or search it at the tip. You’re a fucking traitor to your people and your religion.”

  2. Youtube: Rapping Cowboy

    First hit: Jamie Ray – COWBOY GANGSTA –

    Oh Jesus Fucking Christ…. you had to work through hours of shite like this? You should be getting danger money and compensation for inevitable early onset dementia.

    Second hit: LIL DARKIE – RAP MUSIC –

    Not bad actually… kinda like a mix between Primus and Butthole Surfers. I could listen to that, but somehow I get the sense this wasn’t what you were talking about.

    • Off topic before I go to have a raw steak and a bottle of Staropramen while listening to this podcast. I remember seeing a comment under one of manosphere’s Facebook page’s post. Post was advocating men to work things out in the gym if you feel stressed and depressed, but some dip shit in the comments said not to go to the gym, because going to the gym perpetuates capitalism. This is why we can’t have nice things, a commie MGTOW, who blames capitalism, what a fucking joke.

    • Yup. That’s what I had to sit through.

      The first one is pretty damn bad.

      The second, Lil Darkie? Ain’t that raycist? There is some Butthole Surfers aspect in there for sure. I don’t know enough about Primus to judge on that.

      The shit I’ve had to endure is much closer to the Jamie Ray stuff.

  3. Is it just me or Cynical Libertarian Society sounds more hilarious? I don’t think cynical anarchist society would sound better and who the fuck even cares? Most anarchists I’ve ever met were and probably still are subhuman radical leftists and junkies, they can rationalise their views all they want, I know what they are – they are untermensch. I’ve never met a libertarian in real life, but judging from the comment I’ve read, they are very much normies and ideological puritans, like for example Cappi, he wants women to go to STEM, when in reality not many men can go to STEM and only very few very exceptional very few women, but libertarians wanna believe we’re all equal. You get the idea what I mean.

    How about Cynical Misanthropic Society?

    • I’ve met a lot of libertarians IRL… used to hang out with a whole bunch of them in London.

      There were some good folks with big brains amongst them, but also plenty that fit your description. Their chicks were almost all crypto-socialists. I know this because I banged a few of them and – in the process – unavoidably had to speak to them. The only convincing libertarian woman I’ve ever met used to be a man.

      The Libertarian Party of the UK was a hilarious trainwreck, about which I have some hair-rasing stories.

      I think it was Pete Quinones or Auron McIntyre who correctly summed up the fact that libertarianism is only sustainable as an isolated proto-civilisation made up solely of naive white middle-class dorks, because as soon as it comes into contact with a wider civilisation that has power dynamics, greed and envy, it crumbles or is crushed.

      • You are British? That is very surprising, cause for the past few years I’ve been one of those migrants, who came to steal your jobs (which English don’t want to do themselves and I’m basically paying for welfare with my taxes), and I can’t say much good about your nation, normies and NPCs, normies and NPCs.To be fair, my home country went more fascist during Wuhan, so it is worse in certain ways.

        Just found a moment to reply to appreciate your feedback, 50% of which is because I’m high and drunk, the rest 50% is I can see that you’re smart and interesting fellow.

        Man, you were in UK’s? Libertarian party, I can only imagine, do you have some sort of articles or podcasts where you tell your stories? I was a very devoted and active nationalist about ten years ago in my homeland, and believe me, I also have a lot to tell, but idiots just won’t listen.

        AS for libertarian women, go on Facebook Ayn Rand’s objectivist groups and take a loot at what women are posting. NPCs and normies, NPCs and normies have occupied everything and women are created so to be leftists, I believe you understand that.

      • Yup. Libertarianism can only survive in an all white society.

        As soon as non-whites show up the whites will begin to cuck for them because whites don’t understand that other races have other end goals.

        The aversion libertarians (with a small l) have to heterosexual white community is why they can never form a lasting community.

  4. Anarchism isn’t sustainable either, you need a counter revolutionary force if you’re to beat back the societal entropy that is statism.

    As far as I know for the states, that was the constitution. And to deviate from what was is going to change what will be. Alternatively, you need to ensure that power remains in the hands of the many rather than the few. Because once the few monopolize their power, nothing stops them from enacting their desires.

    Ultimately I think this is a human flaw, that people will choose to be led rather than lead. If you research into cults its pretty apparent people will do anything if they believe you’re a god or the next best thing since sliced bread.

    And having such a regimented, totalitarian society me thinks enforces this slave gene. People today quite literally aren’t the same people of 1000 years ago, we’ve been thoroughly domesticated for this urban life.

    And it’s not like people are any less religous today than they we were yesteryear, a lot of us have just replaced the invisble sky daddy with daddy government. If it was the gods of the past we had to thank for good weather, than the its the god of today we praise for building our roads.

  5. Also I thought youd have figured it out by now, but there was never such thing as a manosphere.

    Manosphere is just a term coined by grifters to legitimize their grift by attracting the attention of genuine men chronicling their observations on this life to their community. Thus presenting to any curious mind that may encounter them that they are a group created for the betterment of men first and above all.

    In simpler terms, the manosphere is the cupmination of the PTA community and an early but now extinct community of men who began to doubt that the steak they’re eating is actually real. It was hijacked and derailed into “muh dick, muh girls, muh money, muh hypergamy” and today it lies stagnant as its still about “muh dick, muh girls etcetera”

    Although hopefully now anyone with a brain and two eyes can see by the lack of any new insight uncovered by these manosphere types, that the aforementioned was all it was ever about. The genuine men left years ago and excommunicated themselves from the group when they looked around to see they were surrounded by these onlymens pushers. Because thats all the manosphere was, it was an entertainment network of men performing for your money. And believe or not, podcasts dont earn them any money, but you’d know all about that. Theres very little listener engagement, unlike livestreams where they can form parasocial bonds with their betas and scalp them for their cash.

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