Anarchy Moment 0361 – The Great One Is Interviewed By A Woman With Baby Rabies and Red Flags. — 6 Comments

  1. Great One, please tell me that you asked her about her debt, particularly her student loan debt. You know very well that she’s almost certainly swimming in student loan debt considering that she has 3 bachelor degrees, is living with her mother and isn’t working anywhere close to full-time. Also, I guessed incorrectly that she would end up being a barista at Starbucks.

    • What an invitation!? How could anyone possibly refuse? Trade eternal indentured servitude (well until your suicide) for (mostly likely temporary) access to the vagina of a (probably) cock-carouselled, borderline unemployable, debt-ridden, post-wall-hitter, with baby rabies, who (in all likelihood) will balloon forever and become physically repellent once she has sprogged.

      This sort of trap can only work on: 1) a man-child desperate for a new mother, or 2) a man singularly controlled by testosterone. Anyone who falls into category 2: the mature, cost-benefit analysis, response is an immediate vasectomy.

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