Updates on TGO’s Life of Star Wars and Dog Sitting — 6 Comments

  1. I think I’ve finally outgrown my like for Adam Piggot, like I geddit. The dude took a hit to life post divorce, but did he have to take the most basic bitch, normie tier method for coping to trauma? Like a women finding a dog post bad relationship, he too found a dog, just with reversed pronunciation.

    Once you do your research into the classical world and realise how much christ-cucks ruined western civilisation, it’s hard to have anything but udder contempt for them. Just listening to the faggot orally prostrate himself for his Judaic skydaddy is nauseating. Spending time with him must be like hanging out with that one window licking relative during Christmas as a kid.

    • I believe that there are two issues here:

      1) can a civilisation, which is necessarily full of credulous cognitive-misers, maintain stability without a prescribed and unquestioned morality? and if not, which is better: Judaeo-Christian morality or authoritarian neo-Marxist cunt-waffle? if it is the former, then is it better to pretend and proselytise the idiotic concept for the sake of civilisation? and if so, is most successful presentation of this someone who deludes themselves of their false belief until they believe their own lie?

      2) can I live without a prescribed and unquestioned morality without becoming psychotic and/or suicidal? and if not, I’d better pick one and unquestioningly believe it…
      While I am suspicious that Peter Hitchens falls into the first category; from his behaviour and what he says, Adam appears to fall into the second.

      If so, I respect Adam for at least realising that he needs training wheels to interact with the world. I suspected that a bit of TRT would return some of his confidence.

      • Ey woaw, what the fuck dude. That reply is too high IQ for me. I picked the moniker dumbass aussie for a reason, so if you could do me a solid and dial it back by like one standard IQ deviation, I’d appreciate it.

        I don’t think Adam realises how antithetical his theological beliefs are with his nationalistic world view. And as such, I don’t think he really realises that he needs the horse blinders of a jewish desert cult to remain unrattled and spooked by life.

        There’s plenty of other healthy ways to cope, becoming a member of the local suicide cult (and yes, that’s what Christianity really is) isn’t one of them.

        You need religion? And let’s be real, of course you do. Humankind developed it for a reason, and even if you think you don’t need a higher love, something is going to have to fill that vacuum left by religion in your life one way or another. But I digress, you need a god? Ho way back and worship your bound in blood and soil ‘pagan’ gods. You need more meaning then what’s presented in those old tomes? Seek the wisdom other men who too tried to better understand human nature, the world and our place in it. To stop being a plebe and learn some damb philosophy.


        I don’t know why I really care, Adam was never really a nationalist nor cared for the cause and plight of Europa or her peoples. He is a fair weathered friend, his background was as a le pick up artist and articler of becoming a ‘better man’, whatever that is. We’re so thirsty for good content and good men out here, we feel victim to the drought and began to give the guy more airtime than he was really worth.

  2. This is the first time that I have seen Piggot… slap some Aviators on him and he wouldn’t look out of place with: Neil Strauss, Jack Murphy, Andrew Tate, Richard Cooper and RSD Tyler (as seen in WtD, 21/01/22, 1:08:50, original by Colttaine).

    This is not the look of a man, this is the look of someone trying to look like a man, see: Buck Angel.

  3. A man dressing up like what he thinks a man should like, aptly put. Astute observation.

    Yeah, the guy needs a slap across the gobber, someone’s gotta wake him up a little. Say what you want about being well groomed, but a man should not be so meticulously preened that his self care ritual has more in common with a womens than other mens.

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