Anarchy Moment 0347 – CPAs vs Mexians Moving Things Back And Forth While Listening To Boring Podcasts As My Mother Continues To Go Insane And My Truck Breaks Down In Colorado When I’m Not Playing Star Wars And That’s How You Know It’s Working. — 9 Comments

  1. Wow! that hard stop was portentous… I’m worried that the TGOH has had a massive aneurism… either that or he’s hiring sub-aqua equipment and visiting the site of an old boating accident…

    • The ‘Watching the Decline’ episode sounds fun. Might I also prescribe a 3-hour video of you playing Duke Nukem 3D (yes, that glorious frag-fest from 1996), for the hypertension of course.

  2. Good to hear you back, man…

    Here’s my question of the week: How come these mass shooters never take out anyone actually worth shooting?

    Kids? Rather you didn’t
    Teachers? Okay, maybe, but then who will look after all the cats?
    POX? They’ll shoot each other anyway.
    White women from North America? See teachers.

    Hope the truck makes it back to SD.

  3. If course I listen to your podcasts, Great One. SO AWESEOME that you had car trouble!! 🙂 I’m working on becoming more Mexican – mowed the GF’s lawn yesterday in 95 degree heat. That’s kinda like what Mexicans do yea?

  4. Great podcast Great One. SO AWESOME! I’ll try to be more Mexican because Atham is awesome too

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