Yes All Women Are Like That 0051 – First World White Girl Problems: Men Grow Up. Women Grow Older, Insert Plastic In Their Asses, and Obsess Over Having Trump’s Babies. — 5 Comments

  1. Great One (paraphrasing): ‘If I was more interested in Star Wars than my girlfriend, she wouldn’t be my girlfriend.’

    Well, that’s just how zoomer relationships are these days, even our Chads play their boring NFL 2K or NBA 2K sports games while the bitch sits next to him and rambles on about her day. It’s no exaggeration to say that the majority of zoomers prefer video games over women, I think for most of us women are a distant second… they’re nowhere near as important as the next FromSoftware title. Even hot chicks are looked at as vapid one-trick ponies by zoomer men.

    • Bro idk where you’re getting your observations from, but you sound undoubtedly like a dumb faggot. Perhaps a crypto nigger too.

      Vidya is a cope. A cope is something you pursue to help you accept things as they are. This isn’t a dictionary definition, but a net-based cultural one.

      Now we gotta break down why people play vidya gaems. There’s many reasons, and I won’t go into all of them, but suffice to say it can be something as simple as to sate your interests, coping via participating in some low brow catharsis. Or in many such cases, an easy source of dopamine for the dopamine addicted.

      Now addicts don’t know they’re addicts, they idly play so their brain releases the feel good juice. But as all drugs go, they have diminishing returns as ones body begins to deal with having large amounts of this chemical cope flooded into it. So more playing of games is needed to achieve the same high.

      You can say this is video game addiction, cause it is. And I can speak from wisdom on this subject from both my own experience. And the observations of a family member who is a dope & cigarette smoking, alcoholic drug addict. He has a girlfriend, and coincidentally all he does is play video games all day too, just minus the job to come home from.

      He has plenty of reasons to feel bad, and the habitual playing of videogames is just one avenue he takes to get some near effortless copium. And should that not be enough, all he need do is just add drugs, alcohol and fast food into the mix until he starts getting results he likes.

      Yes, his girlfriend is fuckable, but she’s as much of a dope head as he is. Which is probably why she’s so okay with it all, but who really knows. I don’t and I’m not about to pry.

      This is just scratching the surface on the subject, and like TGO said himself, what does this bitch even look like? The subject is just more nuanced then “Da zoomies don’t know any better!”

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